As we are a military organization, all Cadets and many members of staff wear a uniform. This is not as bad as it may sound, as it gives everybody a sense of being part of a team. Below is a description of the various uniforms that Cadets wear, and for what purpose. Please note that the ATC supplies everything but your shoes for FREE - but these can usually be bought by Cadets at low cost from an Army Surplus Store.

No.2 Uniform (winter/Jumper Order)

The No.2 uniform is used much more than other types. It consists of a beret, blue jumper, dark blue shirt, blue trousers, polished black shoes or boots, and a brassard (which is used to display classification badges, Squadron No. etc. and is worn on the right arm). Usually worn on normal Squadron duties between September and March.

No.2 Uniform (summer/Shirt Sleeve Order)

This is the same as above, but without the jumper.

No.2 Uniform with Light Blue Shirt ("Wedgwood")

Used on special occasions and whilst on public duties, this is the same as the No.2 Jumper Order but has a light blue shirt and black tie.

No.1 Uniform

This is used on special occasions (such as on a Band Parade shown in the picture) and is one of the most commonly seen uniforms for members of the public. The Queen's Colour Squadron of the RAF where a very similar uniform when parading outside Buckingham Palace. Not issued to Cadets on all Squadrons.

DPM's (Diffused Pattern Material or "Camouflage")

These are not standard ATC issue, and must usually be bought by an individual or loaned from a Squadron. Used when "on exercise", assault courses, etc.

The Uniform Cadets are given remains the property of the Squadron and of the Ministry of Defence, and must be looked after by keeping it clean and in good order. Normal Squadron duties require it to be clean, pressed and polished where necessary. A Cadet's Uniform must be returned upon leaving the Squadron.

No.1 Uniform

No.2 Uniform (Winter)

No.2 Uniform (Summer)