Prestatyn Air Training Corps

Scottish Aviation Bulldog

The Bulldog is used to provide air experience to RAF cadets and to students who are thinking of joining the RAF.

Origin: U.K..
Type: Piston-engined primary trainer.
Number in service: 96.
Powerplant: One 149-KW (200-hp) Avco Lycoming 10-360-A1B6 six cylinder air-cooled opposed piston engine.
Performance: Maximum speed at sea level 130 kts (241 km/h; 150 mph); economical cruising speed 105 kts (194 km/h; 121 mph); initial rate of climb 1,034ft (315m) per minute; service ceiling 16,000ft (4875m); range with maximum fuel 1000 km (621 miles).
Weights: Empty 649-kg (1,430-lb); maximum take-off 1066-kg (2,350-lb).
Dimensions: Span 10.06m (33ft 0in); length 7.09m (23ft 3in); height 2.28m (7ft 5.75in); wing area 12.02mē (129.4 sq. ft).
Armament: None.

Bulldog's in service
No.3 F.T.S. (includes Central Flying School)
Base: RAF Cranwell.
Type: Bulldog T.Mk.1, Dominie T.1 mod, Jetstream T.1.
Role: Fixed wing basic training.
Example tail code: "3".
Markings: C.F.S. crest flanked with an arrowhead at each side divided vertically into black, blue, green and purple bands. Carried on the fin.
Number in service: 11.

University of Birmingham A.S. (Air Squadron)